Lillian Gish

美國女演員 (1893-1993)

Lillian Diana Gish[1]1893年10月14號1993年2月27號)係美國女演員電影舞台劇都有做,亦係導演作家。佢嘅電影演出生涯跨越75年,由1912年拍默片短片開始一直到1987年。佢俾人尊稱美國電影第一女士First Lady of American Cinema),電影表演基礎技巧嘅探索亦歸功於佢[2]

Lillian Gish
Lillian Gish,1921年
原文名Lillian Gish
出世Lillian Diana Gish
美國 美國俄亥俄州Springfield
美國 美國紐約州紐約市
父母母:Mary Robinson McConnell
父:James Leigh Gish
親屬妹:Dorothy Gish

著作 編輯

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  • An Actor's Life For Me (with Selma G. Lanes) (Viking Penguin, 1987)
  • Lillian Gish: the Movies, Mr. Griffith and Me, by Gish co-authored with Ann Pinchot; ISBN 0-491-00103-7, W.H. Allen 1969, and ISBN 0-916515-40-0 Mercury House, 1988.

參考 編輯

  1. Although there are unsupported claims that the Gish sisters were born with the surname "de Guiche", in fact their surname at birth was "Gish". According to Lillian Gish: Her Legend, Her Life (2001), a biography by Charles Affron: "The Gish name was initially the source of some mystification. In 1922, at the time of the opening of Orphans of the Storm, Lillian reported that the Gish family was of French origin, descending from the Duke de Guiche ... [S]uch press-agentry falsification was common."
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