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Message no longer compatible, please fix

Hello, I'm writing you because your custom version of this message will probably break today or when the new version of MediaWiki is enabled on this wiki, and you need to delete or fix it, see details of the changes and instructions. Thanks, Nemo 2012年12月12號 (三) 18:53 (UTC)

Broken links in e-mail messages

There should either be a space between "$PAGETITLE_URL" and "。" in this message, or "$PAGETITLE_URL" should be surrounded by angle brackets (<>), because otherwise some e-mail clients that automatically link URLs (like mine, Thunderbird) will be fooled into treating the "。" as part of the URL, resulting in a broken link. - dcljr (傾偈) 2020年5月10號 (日) 19:39 (UTC)

@Dcljr Changed. P.S. There's no need for IAdmin permission to edit MediaWiki namespace messages that aren't scripts. 翹仔 (傾偈) 2020年5月11號 (一) 19:28 (UTC)
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