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標準普通話 is not commie crap!

「標準普通話」is commie crap? I don't agree. It is meant to contrast with non-standard Mandarin, e.g. 南寧普通話. -- (傾偈) 2011-03-06T13:36:55+00:00

I can understand that. Who defined the current so-called standard Mandarin? Who defined that standard? Who has the power to define? If you don't believe in that regime or that government, that is definitely a "crap". Wording in Wikipedia articles should be as neutral as possible, avoiding the colorful terms with hidden political agenda. Whether the term "標準普通話" falls into this category, is up for debate. --WikiCantona (傾偈) 2011年3月6號 (日) 14:12 (UTC)
As I said elsewhere, 普通話 itself is a standard defined by Peking. The "crap" refers to "標準", which is a redundancy typical for the commies. * = )< Hillgentleman||二零一一年三月七號(星期一)格林威治 02點23分50秒。>
  1. Then, how do you call those variants of Mandarin that do not strictly conform to the standard?
  2. I agree that: "commie style => redundancy", but it doesn't follow logically that "redundancy => commie style".
-- (傾偈) 2011-03-07T10:38:12+00:00
I call them "xxx mandarin". I have expressed my opinion. In the end you are the expert, so it's up to you. * = )< Hillgentleman||二零一一年三月九號(星期三)格林威治 19點02分39秒。>
If you call this variant "xxx mandarin", that variant "yyy mandarin" and a third variant "zzz mandarin", then "mandarin" alone would become a collective term for all these variants. In that case, it becomes necessary to refer to the standardized variant "standard mandarin", doesn't it? -- (傾偈) 2011-03-10T09:33:19+00:00
Changed to 標準華語. -- (傾偈) 2011-03-10T09:52:49+00:00
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