Re:the translation request 編輯

Sorry for my poor English.

I'm glad to translate the articles that you request, but now my busy life will make the translating very slow.

I'm confused that which article of Cantonese Wikipedia could be translated into another language, because the Cantonese version is developing that even many important articles are nobody to write. Maybe it's difficult to make the schedule for you.--S7w4j9 (傾偈) 2015年4月29號 (三) 11:31 (UTC)回覆[回覆]

That's no problem, but be patient, I haven't so much time for Wikipedia. Again, I don't know which article could be selected to add in the list.--S7w4j9 (傾偈) 2015年4月30號 (四) 12:02 (UTC)回覆[回覆]
I have no idea.... Maybe it could be translated: 中國猶太人, the history of Jews in China. It has only two Romance language versions.--S7w4j9 (傾偈) 2015年5月7號 (四) 07:16 (UTC)回覆[回覆]

Thanks a lot too, but it would spend many time to finish it because I have many articles want to edit. So be patient. PS: You may don't know the Internet be blocked in Mainland China, include Facebook etc.--S7w4j9 (傾偈) 2015年5月10號 (日) 17:16 (UTC)回覆[回覆]

Re: the helping about Chinese version 編輯

I accept the request, but it would take some time to finish it, for the articles here are more important for me. By the way, thank you for your translation into Italian and Turkish.--S7w4j9 (傾偈) 2015年6月17號 (三) 13:50 (UTC)回覆[回覆]

Sorry for the request about the helping of Chinese Wikipedia 編輯

I can't edit the Chinese Wikipedia because I'm in Mainland China that the China government blocking the Chinese Wikipedia. I use the open proxy to visit the site but it couldn't to edit for the site blocking open proxy, So sorry for refusing the request. You can ask the others to help.--S7w4j9 (傾偈) 2015年6月22號 (一) 11:45 (UTC)回覆[回覆]

OK, I get it. It will need some time to finish, so be patient and thank you for your patient.--S7w4j9 (傾偈) 2015年6月23號 (二) 10:12 (UTC)回覆[回覆]
I've been place the article into the sandbox, take them directly to Chinese Wikipedia will be OK.--S7w4j9 (傾偈) 2015年6月29號 (一) 16:53 (UTC)回覆[回覆]

Re:Kind translation request for Campora San Giovanni in Chinese and Cantonese. 編輯

I will take a look into it when I have time. However unlike S7w4j9 I cannot promise you anything. Thank you for your interest in Cantonese Wikipedia. --William915傾偈) 2015年7月3號 (五) 22:29 (UTC)回覆[回覆]

Article in foreign language 編輯

Hello, I have deleted an article you created recently, 弗雷德里克·德·罗伯蒂斯, as the title and contents are not in Cantonese. If you would like to contribute to Wikipedia in Chinese, you can go to the Chinese version of Wikipedia and contribute there. Thank you! H78c67c·傾偈 2020年10月12號 (一) 17:24 (UTC)回覆[回覆]

Some competency in the Cantonese language is required here, yet you have repeatedly demonstrated your lack of. Please do not submit poorly machine-translated material again. If you would like certain articles to be created, you can leave your requests in the relevant venues. Thank you. H78c67c·傾偈 2021年8月17號 (二) 17:57 (UTC)回覆[回覆]
I would just like to let you know that I was upset by your choice of machine translator. I know that there just aren't any machine translators that work well for Cantonese, but a title in Simplified Chinese from a user that has been around for a while offended me slightly. Please accept my apologies if I sounded harsh or impolite above, and good luck on your Chinese learning journey! H78c67c·傾偈 2021年8月21號 (六) 01:47 (UTC)回覆[回覆]

Unacceptable Translation 編輯

You had recently changed the name of a certain article into 肯波拉聖吉奧瓦尼. Please understand that this does not work at all. This is comparable to using Sicilian translations for Italian articles. That is close enough for chatting, but definitely not the case for reference book writing. Cantonese naming of foreign things is extremely complicated that even local journalists would regard it as a headache.--討論) 2021年8月22號 (日) 15:00 (UTC)回覆[回覆]