哈佬. 我暫時封咗你隻機械人, 因為佢無理到個"Nobot"牌亂加INTERWIKI拎.[1]. * = )< Hillgentleman||二零一一年五月二十二號(星期日)格林威治 04點58分49秒。>

My bot doesn't ignore bot blocking templates since it is global consensus that the template is not Template:NOBOT (see this comment http://zh-yue.wikipedia.org/wiki/Template:Nobot) and to ignore several language links you must not put NO before the link like but only which works fine. This fact ist true for all bots using the pywikipedia bot frameworks. Please update that page. I would be glad if you would unblock me and my bot. Thanks in advance. Xqt (傾偈) 2011年5月22號 (日) 20:16 (UTC)
I fixed bots directives here Xqt (傾偈) 2011年5月22號 (日) 20:29 (UTC)
唔該. * = )< Hillgentleman||二零一一年五月二十七號(星期五)格林威治 05點16分03秒。>