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我係歡迎你嘅維基人:翹仔 (傾偈) 2020年5月4號 (一) 20:27 (UTC)

Animals list

Hi, thanks for the suggestion of en:List of mammals of Azerbaijan, but that's completely outside my field of knowledge so I'm afraid I can't help. 翹仔 (傾偈) 2020年5月4號 (一) 20:28 (UTC)

Hello. I understand. Thank you for your reply. Karalainza (傾偈) 2020年5月5號 (二) 17:00 (UTC)

Hello Karalainza. Although that content is at this moment also outside of my interest on wikipedia, you may want to search for users on zh.wikipedia and zh-yue.wikipedia whose edits land more or less on topics of biology. After that step, do those users indicate, display or demonstrate knowledge or command of Cantonese? If a user matches the two criteria, you have found a potential helper for your cause. Good day. -- Ktsquare (傾偈) 2020年7月6號 (一) 03:57 (UTC)

Thank you for the recommendation. Karalainza (傾偈) 2020年7月8號 (三) 10:05 (UTC)