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Checking files etc.


Hello! Sorry to write in English.

I like to check files to make sure they all have a valid license, that non-free are in use (or get deleted) etc.

I can see that there are some non-free files in Special:未用檔案. They should either be added to an article or be deleted.

I noticed that some license template are in Category:版權模 and other templates are in Category:文件消息框. If someone have time it would be nice if all the license templates are in the same category.

I noticed that MediaWiki:Licenses list cc-by-sa-3.0 etc. The latest version is 4.0. Perhaps someone could update (if it is still possible to upload free files locally)?

Also I suggest to delete Template:GFDL 1.2. It is both an old version and it has disclaimers. GFDL is not a good license for media files but if files have to be uploaded with GFDL Template:GFDL would be better.

The template Template:GFDL-self also had disclaimers. Disclaimers are not good so I removed them. All the files that used the template was redirected from Template:GFDL-self-no-disclaimers so uploader did not want the disclaimers.

According to Special:統計 there are 2,813 files. There are 2,496 files in Category:全部嘅非自由媒體 . There are no similar category for the free files (like en:Category:All free media) but in Category:維基百科自由圖像 and subcategories there are some free files but less than 100 files. So that means more than 200 files either have no license or are not located in either of the categories for free or non-free files.

Perhaps someone would like to fix Template:Free media so it has a category for all free media and to add the template for the free license templates? Just like Template:Non-free media. --MGA73 (傾偈) 2024年5月20號 (一) 12:21 (UTC)回覆

@MGA73 Thanks for your recommendation, I've just updated CC licensing from 3.0 to 4.0 (just follow up what enwiki had done). For those unused files, there's may have some articles that may be going to be created. Let see if there's someone gonna to create them or utilise those images onto those articles. Those disclaimers looks likely was the leftover and just transcluded what the content that enwiki had. Apparently majority of free images had uploaded to Commons instead of here which was a good thing to know. Shinjiman 2024年7月2號 (二) 08:11 (UTC)回覆